Elaboration of cava with the traditional method

Elaboration of cava with the traditional method

In the Penedès area, the grape harvest begins at the end of August until mid-October and the three autochthonous varieties are “Macabeu”, “Xarel-lo” and “Parellada”. Once the clusters are selected and sorted, they are pressed to obtain the must, which once it has undergone the first fermentation, will become the base wine.

The production of cava is very limited, due to the fact that it is all handmade. The stirring of the bottles is done by hand in wine desks, 18 turns of 45º each are needed to concentrate in the neck all the sediments produced as a result of the second fermentation inside the bottle, leaving it in tip-top shape.

This is followed by disgorgement, which consists in removing these sediments by freezing the neck of the bottle. Then the necessary amount of expedition liqueur (a mixture of sugar and wine) is added according to the type of cava, just enough to give it the taste and characteristics of our own cavas and to obtain the different varieties. Thus, depending on the final amount of liqueur added, we will have a Brut, Brut Nature or Gran Reserva.

With the darkness and the silent rest of the cava we obtain an excellent quality artisan cava from the fruit of the Penedès vineyards.

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