Maridatge cava masferrer

In this post we are going to give you some advice on how to pair our El Mas Ferrer cavas. In this case there are no absolute truths, as perfect pairings are completely subjective, and each individual has his or her personal tastes acquired through personal experience, culture, social stereotypes, fashions, etc. We are just going to give you our recommendation so that you can take it into account for future occasions.

Before we start with a specific cava, we are going to tell you what the word “pairing” means. It basically means matching a cava with the dish you are tasting in order to enhance the flavors of both. In the Penedès area, cava has long been considered an essential at the table, accompanying the typical dishes of each culture. Pairing is all about fusing food and drink to create harmonies or contrasts that enhance the taste sensations and, therefore, the satisfaction of the gastronomic experience.

Our “Cava Gran Reserva Familiar

  • It is made in the traditional way and is composed of the typical varieties of the area: “Macabeu”, “Xarel-lo” and “Parellada”.
  • It is aged for more than 40 months.
  • Its aroma is intense, complex, with hints of dried fruits.
  • It is fresh and dry in the mouth with a citric reminiscence.
  • Its alcohol content is 11.5%.
  • It is the only one we present in a special bottle because its quality deserves it.
  • We have won 4 awards thanks to this Cava.

With all this information we can say that the perfect pairing for our “Gran Reserva Familiar” is with complex dishes and meats. It is also excellent for tasting smoked meats. Iberian ham, especially when accompanied with bread and tomato, is ideal to combine with aged cavas, rich in reductive and aging aromas, making it ideal to complement and harmonize with the aromas of our Gran Reserva Familiar. Last but not least, it’s a must with desserts too, the aromas of long aging go extraordinarily well with dried fruits and nuts and with desserts with lighter sweet flavors, the use of fresh fruits and the entry of salty flavors.

So now you know how to accompany your meal… with a glass of Cava Gran Reserva Familiar.

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